The Rebel Not Taken Gallery in Chiswick is occasionally open to visitors (arrange a day and time in advance though). It’s the house with the blue plaque in Glebe St W42BE. 
There’s always plenty of small  works and books for sale in the ad hoc gift shop.
The garden wall boasts two large paintings by ATM and a stunning mosaicked Vagdala by Carrie Reichardt. The inner courtyard is decorated with a huge stencil by French street artist Jef Aérosol and is hung with some of our erotic art (adults only😱) This inner Gallery is presided over by our Carnaby Street mannequin Lady O’Brien (£1 in the swear box for a selfie with her).
There’s a 1952 vintage French Fusbal table and  a huge library of art books in the open plan living room and lots of seditious ceramics in the kitchen. There are also rooms to rent for visitors at mates’ rates.

Studio Visits